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Excellent performance of xanthan gum


Xanthan gum solution has strong shear resistance and pseudoplastic fluid. At low shear or static, xanthan gum has strong resistance to solution flow due to its high viscosity, but the viscosity will decrease significantly with the increase of shear force.


Xanthan gum is an excellent stabilizer. it can play a very effective stabilizing role in solid state (suspension), liquid (emulsification), gas (foam stability), or the combination of the above three situations.

Thermal stability

Compared with other thickeners, xanthan gum shows excellent stability when temperature changes, and xanthan gum solution shows excellent stability when heated. This is true even in the presence of salt or acid. In fact, the viscosity of pasteurization system does not change completely when it is cooled down for several times at 130 ℃, which is not typical for pasteurization system.

Excellent compatibility

For most foods and drugs, it is often a heterogeneous mixture, including water, oil, fat, protein, carbohydrates and other components. Considering the complex processing technology, such as mixing, pumping, heating, freezing, stirring and so on, it will increase the complexity of the system, and it is not easy to ensure the compatibility between the stabilizer and this complex system.

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