Application method and dosage of sodium isoascorbate in meat products

1. Cured meats/Salted Fish: 1000g/100kg; Added in the process of curing; 
2. Ham: 250g/100kg;  Added in the process of curing
3. Bacon/Sausage/Cured beef: 55-75g/100kg; Added in the process of curing

Result: Accelerate curing reaction and shorten the curing time; Reduce residual of nitrite to prevent the formation of nitrosamines at salted; Keep the color fresh and improve the flavor

4. Frozen fish,Prawn: 0.5% water solution---Frozen after coating
                                       1.25% water solution----Spray
                                       1% water solution----Make the 1% water solution to ice-blocks, then iced it.    

Result: Keep the color and improve the flavor. Prevent the surface oxidation of rancid fat and keep bright color of fish