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Carrageenan is a gum that is a seaweed extract obtained from red seaweed chondrus crispus (also known as irish moss), gigartina, and eucheuma species. chondrus crispus yields kappa and lambda carra-geenans.
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Carrageenan is a gum that is a seaweed extract obtained from red seaweed chondrus crispus (also known as irish moss), gigartina, and eucheuma species. chondrus crispus yields kappa and lambda carra-geenans.
Form Yellow-brown to white colored, coarse to fine powder that is odorless and tasteless.
MF C12H18O9n
Moisture  <12%
Gel strength 1,000 g/cm2
pH 7-9
Storage temp Carrageenan is a stable, though hygroscopic, polysaccharide and should be stored in a cool, dry place.
Solubility Insoluble in cold water, but can swell into colloidal lumps, insoluble in organic solvents, and easily soluble in hot water to form translucent colloidal solution
Appearance Light and free flowing powder
Loss on Drying 12%
PH 8-11
Gel Strength Water gel(1.5%,0.2kcl) > 450 g/cm2
As of 1 mg/kg
Zn of 50 mg/kg
Pb of 1 mg/kg
C d of 0.1 mg/kg
Hg of 0.03 mg/kg
Total Plate Count of 10,000 cfu/g
Total variable mesophilic aerobic of 5,000 cfu/g
Yeasts and Molds of 100 cfu/g
Sulphite reducing spores absent in 0.1 g
Salmonella negative in 25 g
Escherichia coli negative in 5 g
Substances insoluble in hot water of 2.0%
Substances insoluble in acids of 2.0%
Average Molecular Weight min. of 100,000 Daltons
Food insects and their rests Absent
Ferromagnetical mechanical impurities Absent
Based on the properties of carrageenan, it is usually used as thickener, gelling agent, suspending agent, emulsifier and stabilizer in food industry. The production and application of these carrageenans have a great relationship with their rheological properties, so it is of great significance to accurately grasp the rheological properties of carrageenan and its variation under various conditions.
As a good coagulant, carrageenan can replace agar, gelatin and pectin. The jelly made of agar has low elasticity and high price; The disadvantage of gelatin jelly is that it has low freezing and thawing points and needs low temperature for preparation and storage; The disadvantage of using pectin is that it needs to add high solubility sugar and adjust the appropriate pH value to solidify. Carrageenan has no such disadvantages. The jelly made from carrageenan is elastic and water free. Therefore, it becomes a common gel for jelly.
Carrageenan as transparent fruit candy has been produced in China for a long time. It has strong fruit flavor, moderate sweetness, better transparency than agar, and lower price than agar. Adding carrageenan to general hard candy and soft candy can make the product taste smooth, more elastic, less viscous and more stable。
In the production of ice cream and ice cream, carrageenan can make the fat and other solid components evenly distributed, prevent the separation of milk components and the increase of ice crystals during the production and storage. It can make ice cream and ice cream delicate, smooth and delicious. In the production of ice cream, carrageenan can react with the cations in milk to produce unique gelation characteristics, which can increase the formability and anti melting property of ice cream, improve the stability of ice cream when the temperature fluctuates, and it is not easy to melt when placed.
Application of carrageenan in detergent, cosmetics and other daily chemical industry: the detergent added with carrageenan has better effect on preventing re contamination than methyl cellulose. In liquid detergent, it can improve its dispersibility and storage performance. In cosmetics, carrageenan is easily absorbed by skin, so it can be mixed with glycerin to make emollients. It can be used as an emulsifier in some emulsion and shampoo to lubricate the product and improve the stability of the emulsion.
Pharmaceutic aid (suspending agent); pharmaceutic aid (viscosity-increasing agent).
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