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Span 80 is a yellow oily liquid, this product is mainly used as solubilizer or emulsifier for injection and oral liquid; Dispersing agent for capsule; Emulsifier and matrix for ointment; Suppository matrix, etc. It is used as emulsifier in food industry.
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Span is a chemical synthetic product of various fatty acids and sorbitol obtained from vegetable oil fractionation. It is safe, non-toxic and non irritating. A series of products are obtained according to different types of fatty acids. This series of products are lipophilic non-ionic emulsifiers with HLB value of 1.8-8.6, which can be dissolved in polar organic solvents and oils.
Form Viscous Liquid
MF C24H44O6
MW 428.6
Vapor pressure  <1.4 hPa (20 °C)
Boiling point 463.43°C (rough estimate)
Density 0.986 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Refractive index n20/D 1.48(lit.)
Specific Gravity 0.986
Storage temp. Store below +30°C.
Model Chemical name Aspect Aicd value (mgKOH/g) Saponification value (mgKOH/g) Hydroxy value
HLB Value
S20 Sorbitan monolaurate Paste ≤7.0 155-170 330-360 8.6
S40 Sorbitan monopalmitate Bead or powder ≤7.0 140-155 270-305   6.7
S60 Sorbitan monostearate Bead or powder ≤10.0 147-157 235-260 4.7
S65 Sorbitan tristearate Bead or powder ≤15.0 176-188 66-80 2.1
S80 Sorbitan monooleate Oily liquid ≤8.0 145-160 193-210 4.3
S83 Sorbitan sesquioleate Oily liquid ≤14.0 143-165 182-220 3.7
S85 Sorbitan trioleate Oily liquid ≤15.0 165-180 60-80 1.8
As emulsifier, Sipan series products are widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine and other industries. As a food additive, it is widely used in cake oil, bread improver and various drinks, emulsifying and stabilizing.

Cosmetics: emulsifying various oils and fats, such as white mineral oil, silicone oil, animal oil, synthetic oil, etc., S40, S60, S65 are used in paste products with emulsification and thickening. S80 and S85 are used in paste, in addition to emulsification, they can also improve the luster of emulsion.

As emulsifier, suspending agent, dispersant, wetting agent, etc.

Industry: such as textile additives (oil agent, softener) and metal processing additives (rust inhibitor, cutting fluid).
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