Item No.: 00114
Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate is a leavening agent, preservative, sequestrant, and buffer which is mildly acidic with a ph of 4.1.Please leave your infomation, we will send some sample or case to you.
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Description Specification Applications
product information
Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate is a functional water retention agent, pH adjuster and metal chelating agent.
Basic information and chemical properties
form White powder
IF H 2 Na 2 O 7 P 2
megawatt 221.94
density 1.86
project standard
appearance White powder
Sodium 2 H 2 P 2 O 7 95.0% min
not soluble in water 1.0% max
loss on drying 0.5% max
pH 3.5 – 4.5
Heavy Metal (PB) Maximum 15PPM
Arsenic (As) Max 3PPM
lead 4PPM max
Cadmium 1PPM max
Mercury 1PPM max
Fluorid 10PPM max

This product is an acid salt and is generally not used alone. It is often mixed with sodium pyroate (alkaline salt, which has a specific effect with protein in meat and can significantly enhance the water holding capacity of meat). This product reacts with sodium bicarbonate to produce carbon dioxide, which can be used as raw material for rapid fermentation powder.
Amount used in each food:
Maximum consumption of decorative candy (such as craft modeling, or for cake decoration), top decoration (non fruit materials) and sweet juice: 5.0g/kg
Maximum dosage of batter (such as supporting batter for fish and poultry meat), wrapping powder and frying powder: 5.0g/kg Maximum consumption of coarse grain
flour: 5.0g/kg
Frozen potato chips and frozen hash browns only): 1.5g/kg
Maximum consumption: 3.0g/kg Biscuit maximum consumption: 3.0g/kg

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