Item No.: 00125
Sodium stearoyl lactylate(SSL) is an anionic emulsifier with HLB value of 9-11. Please leave your infomation, we will send some sample or case to you.
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product information
Fat Fat Combination is a homogeneous oil, HLB is a premium quality oil with 9 honey ingredients, a milk in one ingredient for 1 convenient soapy lather. Dispense fluid.
Basic information and chemical properties
form White powder
IF C 21 H 39 NaO 4
megawatt 378.52
Storage temperature strategic consulting,
thing standard
appearance or yellowish properties or characteristic fragile solids
Acid value (mgKOH/g) 74
Ester value (mgKOH/g) 180
Heavy metal (pb) (mg/kg) =<10mg/kg
Saline (mg/kg) =<3 kg/kg
% 1.9
% of total investment 29
(per capita/kg) 3.2
Mercury (mg/kg) 0.09
Rubber compound (mg/kg) 0.8

SSL has good transparency, anti-aging, reinforcement, insurance, etc. Compared with other similar SSL products, this system product has super functional ability, and the oil accounts for 75%. Can effectively achieve oil-in-water (O/W) homogenization.
1. Enhance the elasticity, toughness and air retention of dough, increase the volume of bread and steamed bread, and improve the organizational structure.
As shown in Figure 2, it can interact with amylose to delay and prevent food aging.
3. Make the biscuits easy to demould and have a neat appearance.
4. It can make the spicy food taste smooth and tender and prolong the storage time.
5. Make the surface of noodles, vermicelli, and instant noodles smoother, with low breaking rate, anti-foaming, anti-boiling.
6. Improve the quality of quick-frozen food, improve the organizational structure, and avoid surface cracking.

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