Vitamin B5

Item No.: 00162
It is a nutrient and dietary supplement which is the calcium chloride double salt of . It is a white powder of bitter taste and has a solubility of 1 g in 3 ml of water. It is used in special dietary foods.
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Description Specification Applications

It appears as white crystalline (methanol), being hygroscopic; it is stable to the light and air with its aqueous solution being weakly alkaline. Its Mp is 195-196 °C (decomposition); Specific rotation [α] 26D + 28.2 ° (5%, water); It is soluble in water and glycerol, being slightly soluble in acetone and ethanol. 


white crystalline powder



MW 476.53
Melting point 190 °C
Fp 145 °C

Refractive index

27 ° (C=5, H2O)

Storage temp. 2-8°C





White powder

Identification Infrared absorption 197K

Concordant with reference spectrum

Identification A solution (1 in 20) responds to the tests for calcium

Conform to USP30

Specific optical rotation



No pink color is produced within 5 seconds

Loss on drying

Not more than 5.0%

Heavy metals

Not more than 0.002%

Ordinary impurities

Not more than 1.0%

Organic volatile impurities

Meet the requirements

Nitrogen content


Content of calcium



Conform  to USP30


1.    It can be applied to biochemical studies; as the nutrient composition of tissue culture medium. It is clinically used for the treatment of vitamin B deficiency, peripheral neuritis and postoperative colic.
2.    It can be used as food fortifier, also used as infant food with the usage amount of 15~28 mg/kg; it is 2~4mg/kg in the drink.
3.    This product is a vitamin drugs, being an integral part of coenzyme A. In the mixture of calcium pantothenate, only the right-hand body has vitamin activity, participating into the in vivo metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrate. It can be used for the treatment of vitamin B deficiency and peripheral neuritis, and postoperative colic. Its combined treatment with vitamin C can be used for the treatment of disseminated lupus erythematosus. The lack of calcium pantothenate in human body has the following symptoms: (1) growth arrest, weight loss and sudden death. (2) Skin and hair disorders. (3) Neurological disorders. (4) Digestive disorders, liver dysfunction. (5) Affect the antibody formation. (6) Kidney dysfunction. Every day the body demands 5 mg of calcium pantothenate (calculated based on pantothenic acid). Calcium pantothenate, as a nutritional supplement, can be used for the food processing. In addition to special nutritional food, the usage amount should be below 1% (calculated on calcium) (Japan). Upon the strengthening of the milk powder, the usage amount should be 10 mg/100g. Addition of 0.02% into the Shochu and whiskey can further enhance the flavor. Addition of 0.02% into the honey can prevent the winter crystallization. It can be used for buffering the bitterness of caffeine and saccharin.
4.    It can be used as feed additives, food additives, being in line with Pharmacopoeia USP28/BP2003
5.    It can be used as nutritional supplements, being able to enhance the flavor of shochu whiskey to prevent the crystallization of honey in winter.
6.    It is the precursor product for the biosynthesis of coenzyme A. Because of the easy-deliquescence of pantothenic acid and other unstable properties, it is used of calcium salt as the substitute.

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